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FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 6:00am PST
the payroll, we have an energy policy that is driving up cost, we have a tax policy that makes businesses close, we have a code that drives companies overseas. >> did you see rand paul saying this is discouraging families because the more you give the less people themselves. what do you think about that? >> we have a safety net and the question is who do you help and how much. it isn't how much money you put into the program. it is how many people you help. it matters if we can get people back to work >> the whitehouse says the proposal gives 13 million american as tax cut. what was is a line drawn based on paul ryan's budget and the president's budget? >> it will be responsible. it will balance overtime is what i am anticipating. it will be focused on helping people get back to work. there are not enough people working in this country. the percentage of folks working is continues to drop and it is because of the policy of this d administration. >> can you sell that message in november? >> i would rather be in our position than the president's with the upcoming elections. people are conc
FOX News
Mar 5, 2014 6:00am PST
was creating positive energy and a life of purpose and meaning was infused into a corporate culture. there was a commitment to creating new jobs out of recycled metals, right here in america. and a bank that helped carolyn rafaelian's business grow from a rhode island storefront into a global sensation. that's the beauty of connecting a vision to an enterprise. that's bank of america. gregg: fox news alert. there you see lois lerner. >> saturday our committee's general counsel sent an team your attorney. gregg: threw see chairman darrell issa. she has taken the fifth yet again. several' times this morning in response to direct questions from chairman darrell issa about the targeting of conservative groups. it's interesting because is a through fox news sunday said she is willing to testify and tell us everything. her lawyer said that's nonsense, i don't know why she would do that. >> i decline to answer that question. gregg: let's go to steve hayes who is standing by. steve, what's the point of this to just do it all over again, invoke the fifth? i half expected some sort of use imm
FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 6:00am PST
california. so that storm system is going to head east, and some of the energy from that system is going to help enhance another system out here that could potentially produce as much as 6-12 inch obviously snow from the northeast into parts of hid west and ice -- midwest and ice accumulation another big concern as well, bill. bill: can't wait til march which is tomorrow. >> yeah. maybe late march will bring better news. bill: maria, we pulled this image off of in noaa, the web site. this is a satellite image of the great lakes that maria was just talking about. look at this? i mean, everything's frozen. this is lake superior up here, here's lake huron, lake michigan on the left and lake erie and the zoom function is lake ontario. it has been about 18 or 20 years suns we've seen an image like this, but this just looks cold. it looks like the arctic. it looks like the north pole. you want to go there? we were just talking to michele bachmann who's going to minnesota later today. she says it's 11 below. martha: it does, it looks exactly like the way you would picture the north pole. lake e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3